About us – Editor

We are a think tank … thinking complex in the “signs of the times”

Critical thinking, complexity, international relations

In our work we identify a method and some contexts (the “signs of the times”) in which we begin to reflect. The method is the “complex thought”, thought of re-appropriation in us of the reality-that-is. The contexts in which we culturally work are:

  • the “emptied” democracies (the sense of representation and of sovereignty, the political vacuum, the different forms of radicalization, the absence of visions of coexistence, the irresponsible nationalisms);
  • the presence of pre-totalitarian signs in the globalized and non-global world;
  • the reality and the consequences of a competition without cooperation.




Prof. Marco Emanuele teaches democracy and totalitarianism at the Link Campus University in Rome. He follows Edgar Morin’s thought and he is interested in complexity and international relations – m.emanuele@unilink.it

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